About Us

Prompt & Reliable Services

Even though we are web designers and Facebook marketers, we have a very strong customer service background. We strongly focus on customer service because we are very aware that this is something that lacks in this industry. 

Every day we help a multitude of our clients with queries, email setups, edits and more at no additional cost or, if their free maintenance hours have run out(which it hardly ever does), at about 60% cheaper than what other designers charge. 

Core Values

Service comes first. It’s really that simple. With a good, strong customer service base, everything else flows from there. To ensure we deliver a world class service, we ensure our servers, offerings and results are the best around. 

It is of no use to our clients if the customer service is good but their websites or Facebook pages are not optimized. Thus we start where it matters most: look after the client as best as we can. 

Our work

We have  very strong background in the hospitality industry and as such have a few clients who owns restaurants but, the majority of our clients are in other industries. We have over 115 different website themes that covers a whole spectrum of business types. So no matter what your business is, we can build a site for you. 

Together with other companies, we form relationships to attract new clients and ensure a strong, steady customer service level. We team up with marketing and multimedia companies who doesn’t have the time or expertise to build and manage websites, so we help them with that. These partnerships has proven to be extremely beneficial to the clients, those companies and of course to us.  

If you’d like to partner with us, check out our Partner page and get in touch with us. 

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