Google Search Quality Guidelines

Google’s Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines

Did you know? Google uses people to help evaluate and score websites. They do so by issuing them with their Search Quality Evaluation Guideline. In this article, we’ll briefly explain why it’s a good idea to read through this guideline as a website owner as it tells you what these raters have to look for when rating a website.

So, what’s the purpose of search quality rating? As explained in the guideline itself: web design

What’s the number one thing they look for when rating a website?

In short: Purpose. The website and/or page must serve a purpose to the visitor. As mentioned in the guideline

“The goal of PQ [Page Quality] rating is to evaluate how well the page achieves its purpose.”

Search Quality Evaluation Guideline

Furthermore, it states: web design

They also mention: web design

Is contact info important on a website?

Absolutely! Here’s how Google sees it: web design

If you have an online shop, this part is crucial: web design

How do they determine the quality of the Main Content(MC)?

On page 21 of the Guideline, they state: web design

The guideline furthermore explains how quality is determined but we want to focus your attention to one of the tools we always promote when you deliver a service or product: Customer Reviews. As stated on page 23 of the Guideline: web design

What is E-E-A-T?

E-E-A-T stands for “Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust”. It’s what raters use to determine Page Quality(PQ) and is explained in more detail on page 26 of the guideline. Here’s what they look for: web design

There is tons more info in this guideline which we won’t be expanding on in this article but we encourage you to read it yourself to get a better understanding of how Google rates websites and pages and adjust your website or strategy accordingly.

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